Keynote Speaking

All of John’s speeches come from his truly unique, hard knock life that rivals anything Jason Bourne-esque or Liam Neeson’s Taken character experiences.  John was the top enforcer and earner in the Gotti Organization for years. When they tried to kill him, and the US govt wanted to arrest him, John evaded capture and death on the run for 2 years in Africa, Cuba, Venezuela, the Balkans and Brazil. In Brazil he was captured by a special forces unit and served 2 years in, one of the most notorious, corrupt prisons on the face of the earth. ”

John Alite was a murderer, a thief, a drug dealer, and an outlaw. But as S.E. Hinton said, “That was then, this is now.” The past is the past, and there’s nothing any of us can do to change that. However today, after more than 30 years on the Streets, and 15 years in prison, John is a changed man who no longer resembles his former self. Now, he is a speaker, a mentor and a teacher who helps at-risk youth, victims of bullying, and anyone that can benefit from his powerful, simple message – that the Streets are a dead end, and a waste of life.

“If I can change one kid’s decision to join a gang, to enter ‘the life’, or to throw away his future, then I know everything I’ve been through hasn’t been in vain.”  John also speaks to victims of bullying and domestic violence, and teaches real world practical tools and philosophies to protect those who need it by stopping bullying in all its forms.


Motivational Speaker: A real life Jason Bourne, no one has survived under tougher conditions and lived to tell about it. After years on the run from law enforcement and Gambino assasins, and over a decade in some of the most dehumanizing, hellish prisons on the face of the earth, John has courageously worked to overcome his physical and psychological demons to once again start over and contribute to society. John’s true and incredible stories as a top enforcer and earner in the mob, of life on the run from law enforcement across the globe, and life in a Brazilian prison show the staggering ability of the human mind to adapt to the most painful, stressful, and barbaric conditions imaginable. John taught himself to not only survive, but to thrive under these vicious, life threatening conditions. To manage his fear, sharpen his mind and body, and come out victorious no matter what life throws at you is an incredibly moving and inspirational tale that will leave audiences heartened and eager to tackle their deepest fears. Book John today for a speaking event participants will remember for the rest of their lives.

Scared Straight & At-Risk Youth: For those that still think life on the Streets offers a way out, or think the game is glamourous or lucrative, John will provide the starkest example in history what life in a gang, the Mob or the Streets is really about, and why it’s worse than a dead end. This isn’t a message from parents, a cop, or a school administrator, but from the consummate insider who saw and did *everything* during a lifetime inside of the worst gangs, and the worst prisons known to man. No one conveys this message better than John, because no one lived it more than he did. Book John today for the most important lesson these kids at risk will ever hear. John’s story will almost certainly save some of their lives, and keep many of them from the awful pain and isolation of prison.

Anti-Bullying: John offers all ages and groups a forceful message and precise tutorial on simply, how not to be a victim. As someone who survived the toughest hellholes on earth and the worst predators this world has to offer, John breaks down in simple terms why people get bullied and tormented, and what can be done to put a permanent stop to it. It is a valuable message that every school age kid, and their parents need to hear.

Domestic Violence: Once a near perfect predator, capable of engaging any opponent and surviving near impossible odds, John has an innate understanding of the predator-prey mindset and dynamic, and ultimately what fosters and enables domestic violence issues. More importantly, John has the practical strategies and applications to put a permanent end to violence in all its predatory forms and enable his listeners to walk out
prepared to deal with any adversity, whether physical or psychological.

Corporate Keynotes: Whether it’s a Wall Street brokerage group or a corporate sales training program, John’s fearless, take no prisoners approach, and mind blowing, too-incredible to believe stories of his life in the mob and on the run in Africa, Cuba, Europe and Brazil will amaze and fire up any team. From training with Castro’s sons, to fighting alongside Chavez’s armies and the underground gladiator-style combat that Brazil’s worst prisons are notorious for. John has battled the best and worst that this earth can throw at a man and come out alive.


In this unparalleled and inspiring program, John Alite takes us from the horrors and backstabbing among thieves in the Mob, and what it takes to rise to the top while beset by treachery and snakes on all sides, to his own incredible story of battle and survival while pursued by Gambino assassins, the FBI and Interpol across the globe on a 2 year manhunt. In powerful, shocking narrative, John weaves a rich account of life on the run, and the mental toughness required to survive under the worst conditions known to man, that audiences will find both wrenching and life affirming. Attendees will walk out of John’s keynote fired up to face their demons, conquer their fears, and blaze an inextinguishable trail forward in their everyday lives.