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-You can now pre-order a copy of John Alite’s latest book “MAFIA INTERNATIONAL”. You also have the options to get a custom inscription and signed by John Alite.

-Unheard of for one man in the criminal underworld to garner such a complex network, MAFIA INTERNATIONAL is a riveting memoir which offers insights not to be found in other organized crime stories.

-John Alite explains how he extended his relationships with other mafia factions across the United States and, by embracing different people through his connections that spanned over ten countries, constructed his own INTERNATIONAL MAFIA empire.

-How he become connected to this world in the first place and found himself digging ever deeper into the quagmire of organized crime makes it a standout in literature.

Award-winning author, Louis Romano, is the author of 16 books, several in the organized crime genre.



PRE-ORDERS will be shipped on, 20 June 2021.

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