Send a Pre-Recorded, Personalized Message from John Alite!

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You can now send a pre-recorded message from the “Donald Trump” of the mafia, female heartthrob, and youth advocate speaker, JOHN ALITE, to your friends and family members who are celebrating birthdays, anniversaries,
college send-offs, or bachelorette parties! You can offer congratulations on a job well done, a job promotion, or a housewarming message on a new home! Do you know someone who needs best wishes, some personal motivation, or a cheering-up message? How about a thank-you to a teacher, or front-line worker you know who went above and beyond during the pandemic? Show current active duty military or veterans you care.

Deliverable in 4 days as a link to share, sent to your phone and email! Minimum 4 days advance notice

Personal: $349    


Business/Corporate: $1500

18-20 minute pre-recorded speech for business use at a conference, rally, or revival, addressing topics we discuss with you beforehand. Minimum 60 days advance notice.

HOW TO USE (3 easy steps!):

1. Click, “Send a Video-Wish" and choose Personal or Corporate

2. In, “Special Instructions for Seller” box, please let us know the occasion,
something special about the person you’d like John to mention. Do you have
an inside joke? Does the person have a favorite (or hated!) quote? A memory
or special date you’re recalling? Sending a compliment? Does the person
have a nickname you’d like John to use?

3. Leave your contact information including email and phone number so we can send John’s Video-Wish to you for your special someone...or in case we have any
follow-up questions!